String Bikini

No no, the string bikini is not made out of strings.  Well, not entirely.

The modern bikini was born in 1946 by French designer Jacques Heim (we owe a lot of our fashion to the French, so merci beaucoup!), but it may surprise you to learn that two-piece swimwear has actually had quite a colorful history that precedes 1940s France.  Archaeologists have uncovered sculptures, mosaics and frescos in Greece and Italy dating back to as early as the 2nd century that feature the early two-piece.  Women were depicted wearing scant loincloths around the waist and chest as they danced, performed or exercised.  Generally, strips of fabric or leather were wrapped repeatedly around these parts in an effort to make the women seem more nubile.

Though the two-piece has been around for centuries, the introduction of the modern bikini caused quite the scandal in Paris.  Fashion was generally more conservative preferring proper ladies to wear proper attire, but as the years went on and women demanded more independence, freedom and rights, the bikini’s popularity rose.  As the swimwear became more widely accepted and mainstream, styles began to change.  Bikini top cups started to get smaller and straps got thinner.  Waistbands on the bottoms shifted lower and fabric coverage started getting skimmed off.  Eventually, the scandalous bikini that was unveiled in the 40s gave way to even skimpier styles that, today, are the norm.  Stop at any beach and you’ll see dozens of the ever popular string bikini.

The string bikini, as the name suggests, is two-piece swimwear that’s designed to be worn and held in place with the use of strings or straps.  Instead of wide bands or bra hooks or any other type of clasp, the bikini is tied on.  On top, there are strings to tie around the back of the neck, and another set of strings to bring around the  back to be tied there.  On the bottom, instead of simply sliding on bottoms like a pair of panties, there are ties on the sides for you to adjust the bottoms to the right fit.  The string design definitely features less fabric and the bows that result from tying the strings add a touch of flirty detail to the overall look of the suit.  But, as anyone who’s ever worn a sneaker knows, if you want to avoid any mishaps, you have to double knot!

The string bikini is one of the most popular bathing suits on the swimwear market today.   With the sexy cut and endless number of fun designs, prints and colors, it’s no wonder why women everywhere are seen sporting it.  If you haven’t yet tried one, slip one on and see just how much fun you can have in the sun!