Synonymous with the weenie bikini and micro bikini, the microkini is exactly what it sounds like: a teeny tiny bikini.   This minimalist form of swimwear offers only scant pieces of fabric with just enough to cover the nipples and private areas.  The rest of the suit is made up of strands of string to tie the pieces together.  Basically, the microkini is designed like the average bikini but features much smaller patches of fabric.

This daring style of swimwear first emerged in the 70s in Venice Beach, California after the state had banned nudity at the beaches.  Protesters decided to wear the most minimal amount of clothing possible as they rallied for their right to bask nude in the sun.  Obviously the ruling held firm but as a result, the microkini was picked up by designers who began producing them as alternatives to sporting birthday suits.

In an attempt to be even more minimalist, the microkini spun off to produce the adhesive microkini.  This style has no straps or string ties, and, just as the name implies, you peel off an adhesive backing and stick it on.  Yes, it’s a set of stickers that you wear to the beach.  Not sure how it fares in the water and it seems likely that you only get to wear each suit once.  Whether or not it’s comfortable is another issue, but it is another way to get around any anti-nudity laws that you may be cramping your skin baring style.

If you do want to let out your inner nudist and scrap tan lines all together, there are several noteworthy nude beaches around the world for you to visit.  Brazil, France, Greece and Jamaica have a couple of stretches of sands that are sans clothing or at least clothing optional.  If you’re looking for something within the US, there’s Haulover Beach just north of Miami, Florida.  This beach happens to be run by the county and sanctioned by the government.  It even has certified lifeguards.  For those of you who are lucky enough to vacation in Hawaii, there’s Little Beach on the island of Maui that offers plenty of sunshine for those who’d like to get some sun all over.  If you do decide to take a trip to one of these sunny idyllic spots where clothing is optional, don’t forget to at least wear sunscreen.