Micro Bikini

You’ve probably heard of the micro bikini by now.  You’re clicking around looking for new swimwear to wear this summer and every once in a while you’ll come across something called the micro bikini, but what is it?  You’ll see, but first a little history lesson.

Since the scandalous unveiling of the modern bikini in Paris in 1946, the bikini has since become much more warmly embraced and widely accepted.  Women, having grown accustomed to being properly clothed and conservatively dressed, eventually welcomed the idea of wearing the tantalizing two-piece to the beach.  In the decades thereafter, the styles of the original modern bikini have evolved.  Styles have become smaller, skimpier, shapelier.  Colors have become more varied, patterns more bold.  Embellishments can include sequins, crystals, beading, metallic fabrics, lace and even cut-outs and crochet.  A variety of tops and bottoms are now available: triangle, halter or bandeau, or brief, boyshort or Brazilian.  You can choose from low rises, French cuts,V cuts or string sides.  With so many styles and options, what’s next after the tankini, string bikini and thong bikini?  What else could the world of bikinis offer??

Ladies and Gents, I give you the micro bikini.  What is it, you ask again?  Well let’s break it down.  The bikini, as you now know is a two-piece bathing suit, and micro, by definition, is an adjective that describes something incredibly small.  Put the two words together and you’re describing an incredibly small piece of swimwear! When it comes to coverage, the micro bikini offers only the bare minimum.  That means only an itty bitty bit of fabric and showing a whole lot of skin.  On top, whether it’s a triangle, halter or bandeau, there’s just enough fabric to cover the breasts.  The bottoms feature only enough fabric to cover the front and the rest is all strings, meaning a g-string in the back and strings to attach the front and back.  This bikini is all about showing the most skin within the legal limits.

Elsewhere in the world, particularly at beaches in Europe, Australia and South America, the micro bikini has become fairly mainstream with more and more women being seen wearing the style.  When it comes to bikinis, the US is definitely more shy and slow to hop on the bikini bandwagon.  We tend to be more conservative and image conscious than our international counterparts but perhaps for not much longer.  It might take a few more years but this micro bikini trend has the potential to become a sensation in the States. For the women out there who aren’t timid and don’t like tan lines, the micro bikini is perfect for you.