Brazilian Bikini

By now most everyone knows what a bikini is (and for those who don’t, it’s two-piece swimwear for women), but perhaps not everyone knows what the Brazilian bikini is.  You might have heard about it here and there, but what about it makes the Brazilian bikini Brazilian?

From the land of football (or soccer, depending on where you’re from), Carnival and extreme waxing comes the Brazilian bikini.  What distinguishes this style from the average bikini is the amount of fabric.  Generally speaking, there’s less.  From a country known for its sexy, curvaceous women, this bikini style was designed to show off those same curves.  The tops, whether it’s a triangle, halter or bandeau, usually have a touch less coverage to allow for more skin to peep out the sides.  It’s the bottoms, however, that draw all the attention.  These bottoms sit way low on the hips and look like the typical bikini bottom from the front.  The back though, tells a different story.  With a cut somewhere between a regular bottom and a thong, the Brazilian trims more fabric off the sides and flirts with the idea of showing off a bit more skin without giving it all away.  Like an appetizer before a meal or a trailer before the movie’s released, the Brazilian does everything to entice without giving it all the way and baring it all (literally).

It’s no wonder that the Brazilian bikini emerged where it did, what with all the beautiful beaches, the body-beautiful culture and even a song about a girl from Ipanema.  The Brazilian is definitely a sensual style that affords the woman both comfort and subtle sex appeal.  Popularized by a country full of sultry and shapely women, the Brazilian style is viewed as an exotic style that allows the wearer to flaunt a bit more skin while at the beach than the typical string bikini.  It’s no wonder that more and more women are catching on to this bikini style that’s designed to show off your *ahem* assets.

Most all Brazilian women, regardless of their height, weight or body type, wear this style to the beach.  Their notion of a healthy body image is so broad that there is no ideal body type for this suit.  So perhaps we up north should stop finicking over those last 5 pounds and just live it up in a Brazilian like our neighbors to the south.